About Syndicate Minerals

Syndicate MInerals was formed in 2019 and is based in Melbourne, Australia. Our core philosophy revolves around proactive exploration. Our team is constantly on the move, exploring uncharted territories and reassessing known regions with fresh perspectives. We believe that the greatest discoveries lie where others haven't looked and in ideas that haven't been tried. Our team is constantly engaged in grassroots prospecting, starting from the earliest stages of exploration. We take calculated risks, trying new methodologies and hypotheses, always ready to push the boundaries of conventional exploration.

How we Operate

We believe the foundation of successful mineral exploration is built in the field. Our team is not afraid to get their hands dirty – literally. From the earliest stages of exploration, we are on the ground, conducting thorough fieldwork, and gaining intimate knowledge of the terrain. This grassroots approach ensures that we have a comprehensive understanding of the contexts we explore, leading to more effective and sustainable exploration strategies.

Global Outlook

Partnering with Professionals

Grassroots Approach

We collaborate with a network of professional and trusted industry experts, drawing on their knowledge and experience to inform our strategies. This collaboration, combined with our willingness to seek win-win outcomes, helps us navigate the complexities of the industry and engage in strategic deals and partnerships.

Having established our roots in Australia, we've successfully broadened our reach, applying our strategies in other globally recognized geological districts. Our vision is to reach all four corners of the globe, marking our presence in various geographical terrains and mineral-rich regions, contributing significantly to the world's mineral resources.

Allen was a former key operator at Syndicate Minerals but stepped back to take part in other projects. He still serves as a strategic advisor to Syndicate Minerals and is currently president, CEO and director at Mogotes Metals, an exploration company with projects in Argentina and Chile. His background also includes working as a consultant with McKinsey & Company to top tier mining and resource companies including Woodside, South32 and Shell.

Anees is an Australian businessman with over 15 years of experience across a variety of industries, including working in the executive team at Catch eCommerce, a leading Australian eCommerce platform involved in successful exits ($500m+ in value). Aside from his Advisor role at Syndicate Minerals, he also serves as a Non-Executive Director for Peregrine Gold, an ASX-listed Australian exploration company.

Olinga's expertise lies in bridging the gap between advanced remote sensing research and practical field applications. Olinga oversees the development and implementation of comprehensive mineral exploration plans, ensuring they are underpinned by robust data-driven insights. His leadership in coordinating field activities is marked by a commitment to getting in the field, innovating, and sustainable practices in the realm of mineral exploration.

Meet the core Syndicate team

Magdalen has 14 years experience in Projects and Administration, having worked across several industries from hospitality to mineral exploration to financial services. Never saying no to expanding her skillset, she also has experience in payroll, general bookkeeping, executive assistance, proofreading, HR, copywriting, legal drafting and event management, and keeps Syndicate well-oiled and running smoothly behind the scenes.

Allen Sabet


Anees Sabet


Olinga Sabet


Magdalen Urrutia

Project Manager

Julianne Ting

Business Operations Manager

Julianne is a skilled administration professional with 10+ years of experience in overseeing daily operations, production processes, and customer support. She excels in multitasking for challenging deadlines, managing complex processes, and leading teams. Julianne possesses excellent communication, organization, and attention to detail, constantly seeking to learn and embrace new challenges.

The driving force behind our success is our youthful and energetic team. Our optimistic, discovery focused mindset is not just a trait but our strategic advantage, enabling us to challenge conventional methods and think beyond the obvious.